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Software development process

Software development process

Getting in touch

We are a client-centric company always aiming to deliver the best value for our customers.

To ensure a smooth experience and quality outcome it is necessary to understand what exactly is expecting to be developed in the finest details.

That’s why the process starts with an initial meeting with the clients face-to-face or online to understand client’s needs followed by a complete analysis by our technical team and suggesting some preliminary solutions.

Once we get to the point of understanding what is expected from us we are going to the next step by making a proposal.


The estimation

Estimation of a software project is a tough task. This is because there are hundreds of software technologies in use combined with thousands of business needs and personal requirements.

Our goal is to mix the best cocktail of technology and experience to provide maximum quality of the final product at a reasonable price.

This is because one task could be solved with dozens of different options but would be that solution the effective one? Here come our expertise and experience to ensure you always will get a better solution that worths the investment.

On this stage, you will get access to our CMS and will be able to communicate directly with your account manager as well as to get proposals, discuss options or follow the process.

The prototype

Despite the detailed research and discussions to figure out the shape of a project, there’s always a gap between the visual and functional expectation of a client and what the developer or technical guys have in their mind.

It will be too late to show the client a finished project but getting to a point where it does not fit their expectations. Embarrassing isn’t it? Moreover, the budget is spent…

That’s why we always develop a prototype before starting the real coding. It’s a cheap mockup of pages showing the basic functionality but very precious instrument to be 100% sure we are at the same wave with the client. See an example of a prototype for a mobile app and how it works here...


Project development

Our clients are our partners as well so we always aim to be transparent about the project development process. We believe in honesty and the teamwork that’s why each client has secure access to our Client Relations Gateway.

It as software where all information and data regarding a particular project can be managed. Our clients get up to date reports about the project status and have a platform where they can communicate in real-time as well as to upload or download any necessary documents, images or other files.

An approach like that ensure the client will get exactly what he expected at the quality he deserved while investing in software that will deliver more efficiency for their business.

Be our partners!

Together we can create anything.
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